Combining The Latest Technology With Indepth Knowledge And Expertise

Dynamics of global market require businesses to:

  • Stay at the top of latest technological developments
  • Have motivated and experienced staff while at the same time taking advantage of the flexibility of the work market
  • Maintain the knowledge of their business area as well as have wider understanding of market related issues

At SRIMarks we deliver the knowledge our clients need, provide technology to support their operation and put together a team of experts with a passion for what they do and flexibility our clients need.

Passionate About Our Work
We are social entrepreneurs in spirit and our socially oriented clients maintain our drive to excel in delivering profits while at the same time helping to solve some of the most critical issues in society. We want to love what we do and that’s why we focus on businesses within the LOHAS segment, working with companies in areas such as education, integrated healthcare and sustainable travel. Our passion translates to wider marketing strategies that give businesses long-term benefits through utilizing techniques such as cause and social marketing, gamification, fundraising and other.

Global Multilingual Flexible Experts
Explore our operation, engagement and remuneration models to see how you can take advantage of a global workforce that is passionate, experienced and flexible to suit any business model.

Bridging The Gap Between Social And Market Research
Our unique ability to empower your business with social as well as market knowledge gives you a priceless competitive advantage. Do you think no one has an answer to your question? We do and if not we’ll find out. Our social and marketing research center has database of vast secondary research data as well as experts delivering first-class research into issues before they even become hot topics. With us, you can work with experts in any field on special research projects benefiting your business directly.

Taking Your Operations To A New Level
Our focus on cooperative and joint-venture models enable our clients to power their businesses with the latest technology in the market. We provide our clients with tools and resources usually available only to established corporations with significant budgets available. Distributed marketing model however provides an opportunity to empower entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs with cutting-edge technology optimising their marketing and CRM activities.

“Most people are more comfortable with old problems than with new solutions.”

Contact us to find out how we can benefit your marketing activities.