Our direct marketing services allow companies to market themselves directly to their target customers, without the use of intermediaries, or at the very least, with less reliance on intermediaries.

Disintermediation is the strategy we employ, making the best use of tools such as social media, email and word of mouth to do so and always in complete compliance with the data protection act.

Most people think of direct marketing as uninvited communications to their phone, email or door. While so many direct marketing companies still use these techniques, we have a better way.

We cultivate strategic ecosystems for our clients. Ecosystem does not refer to use of intermediaries, but rather an extended direct sales force. We may refer to this as ´through-partner marketing´. Partners become members of the clients ecosystems, with the partners communicating ´directly´to target audience.

Whether your partners are companies or individuals, they are alliance partners, brand ambassadors, sales executives etc. They serve as an extension of your internal sales and marketing team.

Your marketing department can give varying levels and types of permission depending on the type of ´partners´. Typical partners will have varying levels of permissions to you marketing assets via marketing asset management system we can arrange for you. Partners will also be given permissions on what channels and techniques are suitable for marketing your products, services and causes.

Typically your direct marketing ´partners´ will be promoting you in exchange for some benefits. While SriMarks gamification and royalty services can offer them points and other non-cash rewards for their efforts and success, most clients will choose to pay commissions to the partners for leads and sales generated.

Partners may also be referred to as affiliates. They are just a different breed and category of affiliates to those we are used to in the affiliate marketing industry.

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