Taking Local Marketing Campaigns To The Next Level

“The topic of distribution marketing is becoming increasingly popular as the pain marketers experience with managing, optimizing and distributing contents across many channels, and throughout their networks, intensifies.”

Uniquely combining affiliate marketing processes and principles with the latest technology in marketing distribution and automation, SRIMarks are empowering brands to significantly grow partners on local level while enabling these local marketers to utilise centrally created marketing assets as well as communication platforms to support their individual local campaigns.

With a smooth transition from nation-wide campaigns to individual marketing efforts of local marketers, we ensure brand consistency while empowering your marketers with the freedom to create their campaign based on their specific needs. Our clients can assign access to various levels of corporate marketing assets as well as to corporate marketing communication and distribution platforms.

SRIMarks fills the gap in the market and while delivering highly targeted media planning and execution it seamlessly connects central marketing team with thousands of local marketeers maintaining consistent brand message and tracking performance and efficiency of campaigns across all levels.

Co-op versus MDF channel
Based on their accounting model our clients decide whether they want to run a co-operative or MDF (market development funds) campaigns. Co-op channel focuses on sharing marketing expenses with marketeers while MDF uses contra-revenue models offering funds to marketeers for specific marketing objectives.
At SRIMarks we make sure that your co-operatie of MDF campaign avoids usual mistakes and we work hard to ensure that your campaign will:

  • have flexible guidelines engaging big number of marketers
  • be flexible enough to enable marketers to use funds for their local marketing needs
  • utilise cutting edge communication and asset sharing platform
  • Allow access to historic data and reports to empower your marketing force with important intelligence
  • Have measurable and trackable objectives answering for every spent dollar with ROI results

Talk to us about your experience with co-op and MDF campaigns and we are happy to provide you with free initial analysis of the main points we could improve for you.

Brainstorm your ideas about potential co-op or MDF campaign with us and we are happy to create a plan to reach your targets.