Global, Multilingual, Flexible and Trusted Workforce at Your Fingertips

Access to SriMarks Cooperative of Freelancers allows our clients to reach and recruit from network of preferred independent marketing contractors and freelancers.

Unlike working with freelancers who you do not know or trust, our cooperative model allows you to access a worldwide network of prescreened, trusted, experienced and motivated independent marketing and fundraising professionals. SriMarks Cooperative have been continuously doing thousands of interviews including work trials to ensure that our clients get only the

We offer the cooperative model as an alternative for our clients. While most of clients contact our marketing company directly, we have many clients who would prefer to work with one of our independent
marketing or fundraising professionals directly. Working with professionals directly can bring you the following benefits:

  • Cost Saving
  • Allows clients to work with professionals located in their region.
  • Allows clients to work with professionals with super specialization in areas required.
  • Allows clients to retain, lease or eventually even employ the independent marketing executive.
  • Allows clients to have to professional serve on the board of their company, perhaps as a non executive director, offering ongoing in house support and guidance to the company.

See our subscription plans for more details on how you can start recruiting from SriMarks Cooperative.