Risk Free Way of Entering New Markets

The objective of service delivery models is to enable any business to enter new markets and run marketing campaigns at the pace they are comfortable with and with no risks attached.

Our localised research teams conduct in depth market research and gain insights on the relevant segments that enable us to deliver operating model strategies driving high performance. SriMarks service models ensure steady and anticipated results, whilst curbing on a business interruption, keeping marketing operational costs at minimum and yields at maximum. It’s our endeavor to open new markets to our clients and bring their message to new, global audience.

Depending on the client’s specific requirement we offer end–to–end marketing project execution solutions such as:

Joint Venture Service Model

This model shares and absorbs risks involved in the business set-up process, shares investments of the OPEX and CAPEX, infrastructural investments, human resources, rewards and recognition. Additionally, a Joint Venture(JV) model typically is acted in a finite time frame depending on the business objectives, thus limiting the commitment of the both partners to the business exposure. Nevertheless, through this model, our clients get the opportunity to enter into an allied business, newer geographic markets, exchange business ideologies, and philanthropic initiatives.

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Project Outsourcing

SriMarks main expertise in providing excellent cause marketing solutions for LOHAS segment makes us the chosen outsourcing provider for cause marketing projects, as we allow organisations to focus on their core competencies and reduce administrative costs and deliveries within the finite time and cost budgets. The client defines the requirements of the cause marketing project to SriMarks. At SriMarks, we carry out the Project Outsourcing process by drawing out the entire project before it commences, recognizing the objectives, timelines and highlighting concerned areas that need to be addressed for smooth operations of the project. Our accurate outsourcing processes and procedures provide clients with seamless end-to-end deliverable’s, giving greater flexibility and focus, with pricing being based on the project scope.

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Staff Leasing

SriMarks believes that one of the critical success factors for delivering value to our customers and achieving success is the quality and caliber of people that would on the project. This service delivery model enables the client to build their own team, consisting of talent pool of employees who will work on a full time basis on the project with utmost dedication and commitment. By staff leasing offshore, the client saves around on a substantial amount of cost in hiring personnel’s, and a large cumulative amount by saving on infrastructure such as office space, workstations and other facilities.

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Virtual Captive

In this advanced model, our clients retain a greater level of control of their business while moving to SriMarks a part of the working and financial risk. As per the Virtual Captive model, the Virtual Captive center, although wholly owned by SriMarks, enables clients with a great visibility and purview of the outsourced processes. Our Model permits the clients’ organisations to implement their marketing strategies, reflect existing branding, organisational culture, all this at the discretion of the client. Additionally, important decisions are taken jointly under an agreed-upon governance structure and SLA terms.

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