We succeed in raising funds for charities in a very unique way. Instead of the normal set of conventional fundraising techniques which are no longer effective in isolation, we employ a mix of cutting edge proven methodologies consisting of various marketing services, techniques and channels.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

For Companies

Corporate clients with a cause have a few options when looking to properly structure there cause campaigns.

The easiest way is cause marketing, whereby SriMarks would assist you in finding a suitable charity with whom you can partner. Our clients can also subscribe to get access to Sri Plus through which they can find the perfect partners by themselves.

For corporate clients who are seeking something a little more custom but without the hassle of setting up their own charity, we offer our fiscal sponsorship services. In partnership with the Charities Aid Foundations in the UK and its operations internationally, we can offer our corporate clients a compliance umbrella through which they can have their own functioning charity.

For our corporate clients who have the intent, time and resources to fund and operate through their own charity can do so and will reap the maximum benefits.

Whichever path is chosen, SriMarks can offer the only truly multichannel performance based fundraising services allowing your charitable arm to solicit and realize donations in a way most charities are still not aware of. The way we do this is a bit of a secret. If we think the world needs to know about your cause, we might just tell you our secrets. Apply here to find out.

For Charities

If you are an existing charity looking for a professional fundraising services that actually succeed in raising funds without costing “an arm and a leg” and allow you to pay for performance (funds raised) – we may be just about your only option.

SriMarks cause marketing services can assist you in finding suitable corporate partners, who may well love to share their profits with you in a number of ways.

Our clients can also subscribe to get access to Sri Plus through which they can find the perfect partners by themselves.

There are hundreds of ways we can find you donors. But without giving away all of our secrets, we can tell you that we can raise funds for your charity without you having to allocate funds to anything other than your mission. Apply here to find out.