Bringing Your Brand To New Audience


SRIMarks connects students with schools, colleges or universities around the globe. We have a strong presence in student environment where we market our sponsorship opportunities, research projects as well as our clients in education vertical.

Educational institutions can take part in our research projects and thus create a new vehicle how to recruit students. We attract wide student audience by giving them an opportunity to get a scholarship from our charity on the basis of undertaking one of our research projects.

We are also able to access volunteers and create partnerships between this group of potential new students and our clients. For educational institutions that offer accommodation facilities there is also available sustainable tourism website as another marketing platform.

Global reach of our scholarship opportunities, research projects and volunteering activities creates a strong traction with student communities and provides us with unique access to potential recruits for our clients in education vertical. We maximize clients’ marketing efforts and find them audience in new places. Moreover, affiliate marketing model allows educational institutions to promote their brand in online environment with high student presence at a very low entry cost.


We can target:

  • Donors
  • Alumni
  • Prospects
  • Working adults
  • Influencers
  • or the public.


Our experts will create the right media mix for your campaigns utilizing any of the following channels:


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