The  Marketing Development Fund offered by the SriMarks Foundation aims at helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the UK to grow through collaborative marketing services.

The initiative offsets the partial or full costs of an approved marketing campaign. The initiative is open to SMEs with clearly defined causes demonstrating an strong possibility for a social and financial return on marketing investment.

The scheme is open to UK domiciled companies, partnerships, social enterprises and charities and their foreign ´partners´.

By helping SMEs with outreach of their cause we succeed positively influencing changes In social behaviour we cherish the opportunities to put our extensive marketing channels to use in promoting projects that have wider social benefits for individuals and communities. Working across education, integrated health and sustainable travel verticals provides us with in-depth understanding of how to market new ideas and concepts in order to influence social behavior of our target audience.

Our organisation is involved with communities around the world far beyond only marketing activities. This extensive presence and involvement within the LOHAS segment provides us with access to precisely those voices that are listened to allowing our clients not only to get their message heard but implemented as well.

Social causes of our clients can be implemented across variety of our activities enabling campaigns to take on number of engaging forms. Our experts will address all important elements when creating a successful campaign for you:


Our research will clarify the public perception of the issue you focus on. This will empower you to create product that speaks to public needs and that offers benefits much greater than perceived cost of the product whether it is associated with time & effort or risk of embarrassment.


In view of long-term success, social marketing campaigns usually need to influence policy makers in order to change the existing policies. We can advise you which organisations or government departments to approach to campaign for a lasting change.


We will make sure that all promotional vehicles are in your mix including advertising, PR, promotion, advocates, personal sellers and entertainment opportunities.


We will identify the right organisations to partner with that advocate the same or very similar cause to yours. Our experts will source for your foundations, government grants or donations that will enable help you fund your project.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and plans. We are happy to prepare a free proposal for your campaign.

Available funds for applicants will be 80% of  approved MDF expenditures incurred by the applicant or 500,000 GBP whichever is the less.  We may also arrange co-funding for certain applicants.