"Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings."


Driving Performance for Socially Oriented Companies

At SRIMarks we combined two most efficient as well as cost effective marketing models – affiliate marketing and marketing automation management.

This allows us to solve a key marketing issue of most companies – how to manage cost efficiently hundreds and thousands of individuals online as well as offline while maintaining consistent brand messaging, ensuring high quality creative assets, providing access to marketing tools and tracking the success of every individual marketer or campaign.

We focus on

  • growing performance for brands in LOHAS sector with strong social causes
  • transforming our research intelligence to successful strategy and media planning
  • developing highly converting websites to reach the clients’ goals
  • delivering media campaigns underpinned by affiliate marketing approach which brings focus on ROI and accountable action to every media channel
  • providing cutting-edge technology to our clients to ensure successful lead management

Affiliate marketing with its focus on post-pay allows social enterprises, charities, nonprofits and socially oriented companies to access services and technology that was so far available only to business with big budgets. This includes services like marketing automation account management, cross channel marketing automation and distributed marketing automation account management.

Working with businesses across education, sustainable travel and integrated healthcare, we offer multi-channel affiliate management services and therefore tie our remuneration to the success we bring to our clients.

Performance underlines all of our services starting with research and planning with trackable results at the heart of preparatory processes. This focus continues with our website creation services and conversion optimization for best customer experience and conversion results.


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