Making Sure Your Leads Grow Into Customers

At SriMarks we don’t stop at execution of marketing campaigns for our clients. There is no point in generating clicks, email sign-ups, requests for demos if the lead is going to sit on the system unattended for a number of days. SriMarks uniquely connects marketing campaigns with responsive lead management systems.

We provide our clients with multi-channel online performance marketing services as well as with access to cutting edge marketing automation platforms that enable nurturing of leads at any stage of the engagement with a potential customer. SriMarks can clean and engage with your old database of leads and create reactivation campaigns delivering profit from leads that would have been considered useless. On the other side, we will also grow your database of leads, categorizing them on the way and assigning exact follow up of paths and actions for every single potential customer.

Our services bridge in exceptional ways with marketing campaigns and state-of-the-art CRM and marketing automation. Our strategy is based on our deep industry intelligence fueled by our strong research arm and scaled around the very best of direct and distributed marketing automation technologies.

We cultivate entire ecosystems for your brand and case. It’s an engaged and aligned ecosystem which brings our customer leads and nurtures them to long-term customers.


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