Effective Multi-Channel Lead Management

At SRIMarks we combined two most efficient as well as cost effective marketing models – affiliate marketing and marketing automation management. This allowed us to solve a key marketing issue of most companies – how to manage cost-efficiently hundreds and thousands of individuals online as well as offline while maintaining consistency of brand messaging, ensuring high quality creative assets, providing access to marketing tools and tracking the success of every individual marketer or campaign.

Enriched Marketing Campaigns

  • We can engage and track new and potential customers in a variety of online and offline channels including email, SMS, voice broadcasting or even word-of-mouth.
  • We remove the manual work and deliver timely personal and richer communications with customers
  • We personalize the interactions based on historic data, interests and past behavior to ensure the relevant message gets to the right person

Employing Cutting Edge Technology

  • Our tracking technology allows us to create a history of customer interaction as well as to reward specified action delivered by your marketers
  • Our developers work constantly on adding new channels and communication tools to our list of media that can be tracked
  • We simplify rewards and payments to your marketers

Coming from the marketing automation point of view, SRIMarks delivers full circle campaigns that are much more than a simple media buy. We take our clients messaging and upon delivering a lead or sale we maintain the communication with a new or potential customer in numerous ways personalizing the content and form of a messaging based on customer’s interaction history.

Find out what we can add to your existing marketing campaigns.