Low Risk And Low Capital Marketing Solution

“A statistical analysis, properly conducted, is a delicate dissection of uncertainties, a surgery of suppositions.”

Affiliate marketing in a nutshell:
  • a multibillion-dollar force in the digital-media ecosystem
  • a driving force behind the customer-acquisition efforts
  • low-risk and low capital entry media channel
  • high-return strategy as you pay commissions to affiliates after the desired action (e.g. sales, registrations and other key actions that add value to your business)

UK businesses spent £1 billion on affiliate marketing and lead generation activities in 2013, 15% more (on a like-for-like basis) than in 2012, according to the second annual Online Performance Marketing study conducted by PwC for the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB).

This generated £14 billion in sales via price comparison, voucher, cash-back, loyalty and product review websites. This represents a return of £14 for every £1 invested by advertisers.

In 2013, UK consumers made 150 million purchases via affiliate websites – three for every British adult – totaling £13 billion. £1 billion in sales was generated from British submitting contact forms. This means it now drives about 10%¹ of all UK e-commerce retail sales.

On the other hand US affiliate marketing spending itself will thus reach $4 billion by 2014 and will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 16% from 2009 through 2014. Payments to affiliate sites direct from marketers will represent the majority of the affiliate marketing spending, or 57%, in 2014.”

“Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.”

Our Affiliate Management Expertise

Most brands can encounter the following obstacles when trying to set up their affiliate program

  • A huge diversity of networks and tracking softwares to choose from
  • A complicated assembly of setup fees, management fees, % override & potential hidden costs such as recruitment fees etc.,
  • A lack of experience with affiliate campaign management,
  • A lack of understanding of affiliates.

Our experienced affiliate managers are able to:

  • Advise on the correct network to launch with
  • Set the right levels of commission for affiliates
  • Recruit affiliates
  • Negotiate exposure opportunities
  • Plan & budget affiliate campaigns in accordance with the overall marketing plan,
  • Devise attractive campaigns and engagement activities to attract affiliates and drive performance
  • Analyze performance of hundreds of affiliates on the program and optimize their campaigns to increase profitability, and more.

Our special focus on education, healthcare and sustainable travel gives us a unique opportunity to drive highly relevant and targeted traffic to our clients website. Our experienced management affiliate campaigns achieve better results in a shorter period of time and drive incremental business for our clients.

Feel free to explore our affiliate program management packages and contact us with any questions. We work to accommodate the specifics of any business and our clients always get more than what they counted on.